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Robert Baltzell, CFEd, Accepted for the Certified Financial Educator Designation

Springfield, Mo- RLB Financial is happy to recognize that Robert Baltzell, CFEd, has been accepted into the non-profit Heartland Institute of Financial Education – one of the nation’s more recognizable names in the movement for corporate financial literacy. The Heartland Institute, in conjunction with colleges and universities, provides nation-wide education courses to help workers better manage their personal and company benefits.

In recognition of his experience in adult education and professionalism in the world of money and finance, Robert Baltzell was invited to apply for the prominent CFE Certified Financial Educator professional designation. Upon completion of study, testing and background check, Robert was awarded the CFEd designation on March 3rd, 2010 by the Aurora, Co based headquarters of Heartland Institute.

“It’s no small thing,” suggests the chairman and founder of the Heartland Institute, Alan Gappinger, “ever since congress passed the Financial Literacy and Education Improvement Act in 2003, the financial literacy movement has been a topic of some concern. More recently, the Pension Protection Act has opened a way for companies to help relieve the financial distress of America’s workforce. We’ve invited Robert to help with this mission. For the past ten years our goal has been to empower organizations and their people though financial education